Role of AC and Comfort in Retail Sales and Experience


Good air conditioning and ventilation can drive up sales in retail spaces. Aside from better comfort, customers will also gain a positive experience while they browse through the various products in your store. In addition, the salespeople will feel comfortable and their good mood will influence their interaction with the customers.

AC, comfort, sales and shopping experience

When we buy a product from a physical store (or even while just browsing online), it’s not just about the product’s quality and the way it was presented. It’s also about the experience such as whether it’s easy to navigate the store and if the entire shopping experience is positive, straightforward and comfortable (it’s similar to shopping online where browsing and purchasing should be quick and easy).

When it comes to comfort, air conditioning plays a huge role in maintaining the temperature and humidity levels in the premises. The AC system should be able to maintain the desired comfort throughout the shop’s business hours. If it fails, it can cause considerable discomfort to customers and might cause them to leave the shop (and buy elsewhere). Even a single hour of AC malfunction or downtime can mean significant financial losses to the business.

As a result, it’s important that the air conditioners are of high quality to prevent the downtime in the first place. It’s also important that they can truly maintain the desired temperature levels in the premises while staying efficient. Most modern air conditioners are apt to this task because of their modern design and efficient operation. It even gets better if the entire HVAC system is installed in an optimal way (e.g. proper positioning of the AC units for optimal ventilation, comfort and operation).

Here at Enterprise AC, for years we’ve been installing complete air conditioning systems in retail spaces. We’ve installed single and multi split systems in shops where there’s a lot of customers and foot traffic. In addition, depending on the shop’s layout and the client’s requirements, we also install neat cassette units. Contact us today here at Enterprise AC for your HVAC requirements in your business premises or building.