Industrial mining air conditioning systems

Large scale mining services

We can design and build air conditioning systems for mining operations

Our services include:

  • complete design and installation of high quality mining air con equipment, including:
  • Switchboards and superior range of controls
  • Sheet metal duct work and fire dampers
  • BMS Automatic Systems

Servicing for mining sites

We service mining operations across Australia. Our experience includes design and installation of air conditioning systems across all types of mining sites and large scale construction projects.

Underground mining environments below the ground get hot and humid really quickly. This can damage equipment and pose harm to the health of workers in the mine. Heat related injuries such as heatstroke and heat exhaustion can be avoided by the use of ventilation. This facility removes toxic gases which build up in the presence of mining activity.

As well as cooling heated air temperatures, our air conditioning units remove moisture. This makes underground working environments far more comfortable for inhabitants working long shifts. All of our air conditioners can be coupled with a range of humidity regulating equipment.

Regulating humidity is absolutely essential in the presence of heavy equipment like drill rigs, conveyor belts and underground loaders. These can seize up and fault if conditions are too wet for optimal operation. Rock drilling tools can be sure to last well into the years with mining air con installation completed by Enterprise Air Conditioning.

Our customer service philosophy remains the same regardless of whether you are a small site, or a massive project. We respond quickly, we get the job done and we customise our wide range of high performance methods selectively. We will meet your mining air conditioning needs, give us a call.

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Why Choose Enterprise Air Conditioning

Only the best brands

From split systems to fully ducted air conditioning, we use only the best Daikin, Temperzone, Actron and Mitsubishi.

Our team is ready to help

Our expert team has over 30 years experience providing the highest quality air conditioning and refrigeration services.

Our service guarantee

We service and repair all brands of air conditioner systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our existing customers are guaranteed a 2 hour service response time.