Here at Enterprise Air Conditioning we’ve been specialising in commercial and industrial HVAC for more than 30 years. Through those years we’ve built strong relationships with our customers as we’ve taken care of the full HVAC installation as well as the repair and maintenance.

Air conditioning installation Thornleigh

In designing, positioning and installing the heating and cooling systems and components, it’s crucial to plan it as an integrated system (for maximising energy efficiency and achieving human comfort). It’s also crucial that the design and installation are done perfectly because they have a huge influence on the building’s energy consumption for the coming years. To do a perfect and optimal installation, we use our experience, expertise and modern knowledge. This way, the results will be optimal and that they will help achieve the customers’ short- and long-term goals.

Air conditioning repairs and maintenance Thornleigh

There are times when heating and cooling systems break down (and it often happens at the worst times such as peak hours and when there’s a high demand for the business’ products and services). To minimise or prevent those downtimes, it’s important to have the system undergo timely maintenance. And when breakdowns indeed happen, it’s crucial that the system and components get repaired promptly. Thankfully, our team is always fast to take care of all that. We’re available 24/7 and we can get there within 2 hours (wherever you are in Thornleigh including areas in and around Wareemba Ave, Norman Ave, Beresford Rd, Dartford Rd, Bungowen Ave, Sefton Rd, Oakleigh Oval, Headen Park, Wanawong Dr and Tillock St).

Air conditioning servicing Thornleigh

Our team is always quick and responsive, which is one reason our customers have chosen and relied on us through the years. We care about our customers because we know they have ambitious and sensitive business goals too. A single hour of downtime or a total breakdown of the system can mean huge financial losses. To prevent or minimise that, our team is always here and we pay attention to every detail whenever we do each task.

Contact us today if you want experienced HVAC professionals to handle the installation, repair or servicing. Here at Enterprise Air Conditioning, we’ve been specialising in heating and cooling systems since 1990.