Air conditioning is a critical part of modern businesses, which is why HVAC systems should be handled only by experienced professionals. Malfunctions, downtimes and inefficiencies are expensive and you don’t want them to happen.

Air conditioning installation North Shore

Here at Enterprise Air Conditioning, we ensure energy efficiency and the highest standards through our complete HVAC installation services. We have installed Daikin, ActronAir, Mitsubishi Electric and Temperzone systems in commercial and industrial premises.

We thoroughly study each site and the end use so that we can design the optimal system (maximum human comfort plus high energy efficiency). We also optimise the positioning of each heating and cooling component so that critical areas receive uniform air circulation. And to further improve or maintain the efficiency, we can arrange an inspection and maintenance of the HVAC systems in commercial buildings and industrial premises.

Air conditioning repairs and maintenance North Shore

When it comes to maintenance and repair, we’re always quick to arrive because each hour of business downtime costs thousands of dollars (and perhaps permanent loss of customers and opportunities). As a result, we provide a 24/7 service and within 2-hour response time.

Whether your business or building is located at North Sydney, Macquarie Park or Chatswood, we’re always fast to arrive. We can immediately send a qualified and experienced technician or an entire team to do the HVAC repair or maintenance. We’ll also be quick to arrive at or near the Macquarie Centre, Hornsby, Gordon, Neutral Bay and St Leonards. Whether it’s near the harbour or further inland, we will be quick to get the job done.

Air conditioning servicing North Shore

With our experience and expertise in multi-split air conditioning, ducted and reverse cycle systems, you can be sure that the entire heating and cooling system in your building will be running in top condition. With this sustained performance and efficiency, you’ll always achieve maximum energy savings through the years.

For all your heating, ventilation and air conditioning requirements, phone us today at 02 9987 4573. The Enterprise Air Conditioning team will tailor the installation and promptly do the required repair and servicing.