Since 1990 we’ve been specialising in HVAC services for commercial and industrial sites. Here at Enterprise Air Conditioning, we always maximise comfort and efficiency through proper choice of equipment, optimal positioning and installation and prompt maintenance and repair.

Air conditioning installation Balmain

Whether it’s for a new or existing building, we tailor the installation according to the site’s profile, occupancy patterns and energy usage requirements. This installation should be done perfectly because this will heavily influence the building’s energy consumption through the years. All the system units should be chosen carefully and positioned optimally. This way, energy usage will be kept to a minimum or that every dollar paid for HVAC directly translates to human comfort or business goals.

Air conditioning repairs and maintenance Balmain

Aside from optimal installation, our team also does prompt HVAC repair and maintenance. Within two hours we usually arrive on the site and focus on the problem and task. We service the entire Balmain including locations along or near the Sommerville Point, Elkington Park, Punch Park, Birrung Park, Ewenton Park, St Augustine’s Catholic Church, Gladstone Park and Darling Street.

We pinpoint the exact cause of the problem and use our modern tools and expertise to fix it. We also apply a detailed checklist when it comes to maintenance so that every unit and component is working perfectly. This is important to prevent breakdowns and downtimes (and also prevent inconvenience and financial losses).

Air conditioning servicing Balmain

Since 1990 we’ve successfully completed each project and maintenance calls according to the highest HVAC standards. We’ve also built decades-long relationships with our commercial and industrial customers because of how fast we respond and how professional we handle each project.

Contact us today here at Enterprise Air Conditioning if you want to work with experienced professionals who care about the long term. With our modern expertise and commitment to long-term performance and efficiency, your commercial or industrial HVAC system will always perform at its best.