Is Professional AC Installation Really Important?


The air conditioning system should be professionally installed in all settings whether it’s a dwelling, workplace or industrial facility. This is to ensure safety, performance and comfort as well as maximise the value you’ll get from the AC.

Is professional AC installation really important?

It can be a DIY project but beware of the consequences. A mistake in the installation can result in issues in reliability and safety (there are pipings and wirings still involved). Also, the tradies involved in the project should all be licensed to carry out the work. Licensed plumbers, licensed electricians and technicians with relevant AC licenses (e.g. full Refrigeration & Air Conditioning license) should be handling the installation.

It’s not just directly mounting the indoor and outdoor units of the AC and then directly plugging in the system. Although it all seems simple from how we look at it, the installation actually requires knowledge and expertise in handling the piping, wiring and air conditioning. Also, the placement can be tricky because there could be limitations in the spaces and aesthetics.

Sure, air conditioners manufactured by the best known brands are highly reliable and long-lasting. However, a mistake in the installation can make them defective (and thereby result in costly repairs and huge interruptions to work or home living). This can even result in issues about the warranty and you might shoulder the repair costs (or completely replace the entire unit).

Licensed technicians are careful and they’re equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to install the entire AC system. You might pay for the labour costs which may heavily depend on how difficult to do the job (access to the installation site, amount of ducting, piping and cable to be used, meter board upgrade if necessary).

As you’ve noticed, there are several factors to consider because it’s not just about the AC anymore. We should also think about the plumbing and electrical aspect of the project. As a result, it’s crucial to let the professionals do the job for you. This way you’ll save time and gain peace of mind that everything will be done according to the highest standards.