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We stock only the best air conditioning systems from accredited manufacturers.

We use only high quality materials, systems and parts. We support our customers with the peace of mind of warranties on products from trusted brands.

Our air con installation Sydney and repair work also comes with service guarantees.

Be it split system installation, multi split systems, ducted air conditioner or anything else you desire, we can do it. We’ll always do a great job, ensuring ducting and units are secured properly. We will complete the job at a cost effective price for you.

Staying cool and watching the bottom line

We can help you design air conditioning systems that work for your retail, commercial or industrial space. We supply and recommend energy efficient and environmentally friendly air conditioning units and solutions. We help you keep your energy costs down, and do the right thing by the planet too.

Install an air conditioning solution that is efficient, affordable and effective at regulating your indoor climate. Our customers all highly recommend our air con units.

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We can install, service or repair any brand of air conditioning system. But we recommend and stock brands we have found to be reliable, efficient and the best value for our customers. Call us to ask about our range of split system air conditioners, ducted systems, wall mounted and outdoor units.

Our team stays up to date with the latest in commercial air conditioning and cooling system technology. This is so we can always provide the best solution tailored for you. Our years of experience mean you can trust us to give you the best advice on the right air con solution.

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Only the best brands

From split systems to fully ducted air conditioning, we use only the best Daikin, Temperzone, Actron and Mitsubishi.

Our team is ready to help

Our expert team has over 30 years experience providing the highest quality air conditioning and refrigeration services.

Our service guarantee

We service and repair all brands of air conditioner systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our existing customers are guaranteed a 2 hour service response time.