How to Save on Building HVAC Costs


Heating and cooling systems can take up to 50 per cent of your monthly energy costs. As a result, any improvement in the system’s efficiency can help you save thousands of dollars each month.

How to save on building HVAC costs

A useful framework to lower your HVAC running costs is: Reduce Demand, Optimise, Upgrade, Innovations (source: Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources).

First is Reduce Demand. Common methods here are improving building insulation (less heat will come in or come out), installing high-quality window glazing (helps reduce heat gains and losses), improving natural ventilation and installing more appropriate window coverings (less heat and sunshine coming in and also for improved insulation).

After reducing demand and minimising the waste, it’s time to optimise the entire HVAC system. This may require relocating the HVAC units such as placing them in the high-occupancy areas. In addition, installing control systems could help with the optimisation so that the level of heating or cooling is being adjusted depending on the real-time needs of a building or certain areas.

If you have high building energy costs (could be due to high energy usage, your business operations, high building occupancy and extreme climate and weather), it could be worthwhile to upgrade your system. For example, reverse cycle HVAC systems could be 30 per cent more efficient than your existing one (especially if it’s over twenty  years old). The savings will be instant and significant especially if you plan for the long term.

Finally, there are innovations that could further help you save on building HVAC costs. Advanced BMS control strategies using computer systems and machine learning can further reduce your energy use. There are also solar thermal systems that can help reduce your peak demand. Although there are additional costs to those installations, it’s still good to consider them and perform a benefit-cost analysis (and ask a reputable HVAC company about other energy-saving costs and systems).

You can contact us here at Enterprise Air Conditioning if you want to lower your monthly HVAC energy costs. We’ll start with a thorough site audit and look for waste and inefficiencies. Our team could then come up with a cost-effective solution to bring down your monthly heating and cooling costs.