How to Improve Your Building’s HVAC Performance


Forty per cent of a building’s energy use could be due to heating and cooling systems. To reduce that percentage and save on energy bills, some ways are performing proactive maintenance, adjusting the HVAC system to better respond to current requirements, testing the newly installed HVAC equipment to ensure it performs as well as it should be and replacing obsolete equipment.

Managing and improving your building’s HVAC performance

Old or obsolete HVAC equipment might be drawing out a lot more energy than it should be. This results in higher energy use and even with that, we may not be experiencing our desired comfort levels. On the other hand, with better performing equipment you can lower your energy costs and even spare you from costly repairs.

Once new equipment is installed, it should be tested to ensure that it functions as designed and promised. Perhaps its efficiency is lower than expected or that there’s something wrong with the installation. No matter the root cause, this initial testing is crucial to getting the most value from the new HVAC equipment or newly installed system.

It’s also important to adjust the design and installation of your HVAC system if there were recent changes in your building and its use. For instance, tenant spaces might have been reconfigured or that some of the spaces are now being used differently (e.g. some were mostly vacant but now they’re always occupied). The HVAC system should be adjusted accordingly to improve efficiency as well as ensure the tenants’ comfort levels.

Proactive maintenance and regular servicing are also important in keeping the performance levels high. This also helps in preventing unexpected breakdowns (and the resulting costly downtimes and huge inconvenience to tenants). With fewer downtimes and breakdowns, you can save money and even help the environment (the HVAC uses less energy thereby generating lower amounts of greenhouse gases).

Those measures will significantly lower your energy bills. In addition, these will help you gain more stars in the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS). As a result, you will gain a more favourable reputation and attract more tenants and investments.

Here at Enterprise AC, we’ve been helping building managers lower their HVAC energy use since 1990. Through proactive maintenance, retrofitting and new installations, our work has resulted in high energy savings for our customers through the years. Contact us today for your HVAC-related concerns and requirements.