How to Ensure Customer Comfort in Your Retail Space


Customers will still continue to buy something on-site and in-person. But to attract and retain more of them, it’s crucial to ensure their comfort aside from providing them the products they’re looking for. If customers feel comfortable, they can better focus on the goods you sell and your branding and business.

Ensuring customer comfort in your shop or supermarket

One way to make customers feel comfortable is by maintaining a good temperature and ventilation in the area. The desirable temperature range is often 20 to 24 degrees Celsius. This should be a bit uniform to all areas so that customers will feel comfortable in every aisle (and not comment about being unusually hot and humid in that area). That’s why the vents and air conditioning systems should be strategically placed so there’s uniform temperature throughout the place.

Good ventilation is also important for the customers’ comfort. It’s recommended to reduce the accumulation and build-up of odours, moisture and gases in the premises while customers are busy in shops or supermarkets. Good indoor air quality will keep customers feeling well and comfortable. When it comes to customers’ comfort, there should also be some air movement so that the indoor environment still feels a bit welcoming and natural.

As mentioned earlier, good indoor air quality contributes to customer comfort. In contrast, if indoor air quality is poor, some customers might feel slightly suffocated or get a light headache. As a result, they might immediately leave the premises or find it hard to buy most of the essentials for their family and household. This leads to loss of sales and profits (as well as customers never coming back).

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