How Much Is An Air Conditioning Install?


Overall it depends on how difficult to do the job. That complexity depends on several factors such as the type and size of the AC unit to be installed, the ducting, cable and piping required, meter upgrade if necessary and if there should be slight demolitions or retrofitting to complete the installation.

How much is an air conditioning install?

Retrofitting or major changes might happen if a ducted system is to be installed. Also, an entire team might be required to complete the project safely and successfully. After all, there are pipings and cables involved so expect licensed plumbers and electricians to be on the scene (aside from a licensed technician to actually install the AC system).

In dwellings and small workplaces, a single split system might already be enough and hence the installation will be quick and straightforward. But for entire buildings with multiple rooms and partitions (and also warehouses which can be a one huge empty space), the installation can be complex because of specific requirements. Engineers and technicians need to consider adequate airflow and ventilation as well as high efficiency. Heating and cooling costs could be quite high especially if the AC system is running for almost the entire day, which is why each percent of efficiency improvement makes a huge difference.

Because of the varying requirements and details about the installation, it can be hard to estimate or calculate for the installation costs (including costs of labour and additional materials). It’s best to directly ask the professionals so that you can quickly get an idea. They’ll give you a quote and explain the details. This way you’ll know what the project will entail and you’ll know what to expect.

It’s great to verify the details and ask questions so that everything’s clear. You might be surprised in the end because of the additional piping and cable purchased and installed (plus the electrical upgrade to best accommodate the additional electrical load). To avoid the surprises, it’s best to take the time to know the details even if you let the professionals do the job.