How Many Years Should an HVAC System Last?


HVAC systems in buildings can last up to 15 years. However, the replacement or upgrade might already happen in a few years as the building’s energy consumption changes. For example, the building occupancy might double or that the facility was recently filled with heat-emitting equipment. In these cases, the HVAC system might have to be upgraded or reconfigured to better address the thermal requirements in the building (including those related to comfort, productivity and equipment care).

About the HVAC system’s energy consumption

To do an upgrade, reconfiguration or total system replacement, it will usually require thousands of dollars (e.g. for buying new equipment, doing some demolition and construction work for retrofitting). The total cost will depend on the heating and cooling requirements of the building.

The cost could be worth it if you prioritise efficiency and energy savings. HVAC can account for up to 70 per cent of a building’s energy consumption. Small improvements in the HVAC’s efficiency can result in thousands of dollars of savings month after month. This is why when building managers try to look for inefficiencies and opportunities for huge savings, they first look at the HVAC system and think of ways to increase the efficiency (which often leads to system upgrade or replacement).

However, there’s that huge upfront cost and potential disruption to business operations. Building managers still go ahead though with the system upgrade or replacement because of the long-term savings (plus occupants and other building users can feel comfortable because of better heating, cooling or ventilation).

Maximising the HVAC system’s lifetime

After the HVAC system upgrade or replacement, the focus will then shift to prolonging the entire system’s lifetime and preventing costly repairs. This is accomplished by timely maintenance and immediate repair of any small problems. These measures also help maintain the system’s efficiency thereby lowering the building’s energy consumption.

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