How Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Can Save You Money


If your commercial air conditioning is not performing at standard operating capacity, constantly adjusting the settings to achieve the climate you desire can be expensive in the long run. Similarly, if your air conditioning continues to run while it is in sub-par condition, inefficiencies can cost you money unnecessarily. Calling a commercial air conditioning repair contractor is a great idea if your air conditioning is producing a less-than-ideal result. Commercial air conditioning repairs can save building managers money on their utility bills and provide a better climate for employers and employees alike.

Be Prepared When A Component Breaks

Before you call a commercial air conditioning repair contractor, it is best practice to identify the make and model of your commercial AC unit. When you provide the contractor with this information it gives them what they need to source replacement components and install them in your machine. It may be your capacitor that has malfunctioned, your filter may be preventing airflow between the unit and your office, or your refrigerant might be empty, resulting in some very sweaty afternoons. In any case, when your AC repair contractor knows what unit he will be looking at, he can bring all the components required to fix up your system and return it to a state of proper functionality.

Consider Signing Up To An Annual Maintenance Schedule

Signing up to an annual maintenance repair plan is a good way to ensure your commercial air conditioning achieves the desired effect as cheaply as possible. With regular maintenance, inefficiencies will be identified and rectified as soon as they are noticed. For example, rather than waiting three years to refill your AC refrigerant because you did not notice it was empty, and spending hundreds of dollars cranking down the temperature to no effect, you can rely on an AC professional to replace the component as soon as they notice it is deficient. 

Indeed, there are a whole range of smaller AC problems that can become more expensive the longer they go unnoticed. Dirty filters are one example; they cause airflow to become weak which makes it harder for the AC to regulate the temperature inside despite using the same amount of electricity. Leaking freon is another and can slowly cause your entire AC system to ice over and cease functioning. This can be expensive to repair if left untreated. By allowing a professional commercial AC contractor to inspect your unit once per year, you ensure inefficiencies like these are corrected and therefore receive more value for each dollar you spend on climate control.

Buy A New Commercial Air Conditioning System

One last tip you can use to save money on commercial air conditioning is to compare efficiencies between different commercial AC systems. Consider that air conditioning units built today have the same cooling and heating power as units built in the 1970s. Meanwhile, innovation in air conditioning technology allows modern units to use only 30-50% of the electricity required by a vintage model. It may initially seem expensive replacing your entire commercial air conditioning unit, but if this has not been done in decades you can save serious coin on your electricity bills by using a more energy efficient system.

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