Does Air Conditioning Improve Workplace Productivity?


If it’s too hot or too cold, it’s extremely difficult to focus on a single task or even get something done. It also affects morale and the workplace gains a negative association in the minds of employees and managers.

Does air conditioning improve workplace productivity?

To improve morale and make it easier for employees to focus on their tasks, a good HVAC system is a worthwhile investment. Although the running costs are high and make the most of your monthly bills and building expenses, a good HVAC system and the resulting comfortable workplace environment can bring huge financial outcomes to your business.

For example, it becomes easier to come up with new strategies and breakthroughs if everybody is comfortable and focused. With a uniform temperature level throughout the workplace, everybody gets to focus on a single challenge or the ultimate business goal. It also makes expensive mistakes less likely because of the managers’ and employees’ comfort and mental clarity. This kind of environment also sets up a good mood, which translates to friendlier and more courteous communications with suppliers and customers.

There were formal attempts in quantifying the effects of air conditioning to workplace productivity. However, it’s almost impossible to quantify the effect of a single breakthrough idea brought by a comfortable working environment. We can’t still pinpoint the exact cause or trace the evolution of that idea or the resulting process. But still, good air conditioning and the resulting comfort surely played a significant role.

Here at Enterprise Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, we help maintain and boost workplace productivity through our professional HVAC services (including full installation and prompt servicing). We ensure a uniform temperature level that brings comfort to managers and employees. Our team also ensures optimal air circulation and ventilation to maintain good indoor air quality. This is one practical way to improve productivity as well as boost morale in the workplace. Contact us today for your enquiries whether you require a prompt HVAC servicing (2-hour response guarantees for our existing customers) or a full HVAC installation (we will help you save money in long-term running costs).