Difference Between Office and Industrial HVAC


In offices, shops and other commercial areas, the priority is always on the occupants’ comfort (including those of the employees, guests and customers). In industrial facilities, often the HVAC design is often aligned with the product requirements.

Difference between office and industrial HVAC

For industrial structures, HVAC requirements can widely vary because of the product requirements. For example, petrochemical plants may have a totally different HVAC requirement than those facilities for pharmaceutical or food manufacturing. As a result, it’s crucial to understand the characteristics of the products and everything involved in its manufacturing, processing and storage.

There are also products and equipment that may be highly sensitive to dust and other airborne contaminants. It’s especially the case in the electronics, scientific and medical industries. As a result, the air should be highly filtered to minimise or eliminate interference and contamination. Tight humidity control is also important because some of the water vapour might condense on sensitive surfaces.

Human comfort is also important here because a site that’s too hot will make it hard for workers to properly and safely do their jobs. It’s especially the case in industrial sites where noise and ambient heat can quickly build up. If the humidity and temperature levels are too high, it will be impossible to focus on the tasks at hand.

There are also requirements and regulations related to commercial and industrial HVAC. These regulations were formulated to prevent accidents and minimise the risks. After all, many regulations and policies have been made after an unfortunate incident or a new piece of information was revealed (e.g. there’s a highly recommended working temperature for a specific kind of product). After the incident or new findings, an entire department or agency plus expert consultants will study what happened and what to do to prevent that from occurring again.

Here at Enterprise Air Conditioning we strictly adhere to the latest standards and regulations. This way, the industrial site, products and the workers and other occupants will be best protected. We design HVAC systems accordingly to maximise efficiency and function while keeping the occupants’ health and safety in mind.