How Shops Can Save on HVAC Costs?


To save on HVAC costs while ensuring customer comfort, here are some practical ways:  Get an air conditioner with the right size (an AC that’s too small will work harder

What is a Good Way for Buildings to Save Energy?


A good way is to focus on permanent and passive strategies such as improving insulation, taking advantage of daylight as much as possible and implementing a climate-responsive design.  About reducing

How HVAC Maintenance Can Lead to 20 Per Cent Energy Savings


Up to 20 per cent HVAC energy reduction can be achieved through timely and proper maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Aside from savings in building operational costs,

How Can Buildings Reduce Energy Consumption?


Given the rising energy costs, it’s a must to reduce our energy consumption while still meeting our productivity and comfort requirements. However, those two goals are total opposites. It’s a

How to Ensure Customer Comfort in Your Retail Space


Customers will still continue to buy something on-site and in-person. But to attract and retain more of them, it’s crucial to ensure their comfort aside from providing them the products

How Can Mine Ventilation Be Improved


Underground mining environments can get hot and humid. This can cause equipment damage and malfunction which in turn leads to costly downtimes. More importantly, hot and humid underground mining environments